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Mini Dental Implants Oregon, WI

More and more patients are finding that Mini Dental Implants in Oregon, WI are an innovative new way to rectify broken, damaged, decayed or missing teeth to achieve a natural looking smile. Until recently, only more traditional dental implant treatments have been available to replace missing teeth, however, advancements in implant technology now offer patients many great benefits that more traditional dental implant procedures could not.

If you are considering mini dental implant treatments, or MDIs, to improve your smile, consider some of the benefits our Dental Implant Dentist offers to Oregon, Wisconsin residents:

Simple and straightforward. Dental implant treatments are help patients to replace missing teeth both safely and effectively, but in its traditional form, procedures can be invasive, which leads to the need for downtime. Mini dental implant treatments achieve the same results as traditional treatments, but because of the smaller implant size, treatments are faster, less invasive and provide quicker results. Many Oregon patients who have undergone the MDI treatment required just a single office visit to perfect their smile.

Quick results. Compared to traditional implant procedures, mini dental implant treatments at our Dental Implant Dentist are quick, easy and virtually painless. They require no downtime, meaning no stitches are needed post treatment, and men and women can use their dental prosthetics immediately following implantation.

Reduced cost. Oregon, WI patients agree, one of the greatest benefits of the mini dental implant treatment is cost. You now have the ability to achieve a naturally beautiful smile without it costing an arm and a leg. Costs associated with the MDI treatment are quite low in comparison to traditional implants. Mini dental implants are a great long-term investment for improvement in both aesthetics and overall oral health.

If you are currently struggling with an imperfect smile, consider mini dental implants in Oregon, WI. For more information or to visit our office for a dental implant consultation, contact our Dental Implant Dentist today and see if this innovative treatment is right for you.